Snælda is a brand new artist development program at 101derland for females aged 16-20 years old. The first edition of the program took place at 101 studios in Reykjavík where 12 girls attended 9 hour lessons per week for 4 weeks. The main focus was on getting them started on Ableton live as well as getting them to know all the basic work that happens within the studio.

The mentors are known figures in the Icelandic music scene, Jófríður (JFDR), and brothers, Logi Pedro and Unnsteinn Manuel that also own the studio.

The main aim of the program was to make the girls self-sufficient within the studio, as well as guiding them in music composition on Ableton live. The practical side of the music business was also introduced with guest lecturers.

The program was free of charge and was funded by The Icelandic Music Fund, The Cultural Fund og Reykjavik City and Landsbankinn.